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Results 1–20 of 2150 for cannabis

[Mr Nigel Evans in the Chair] — Cannabis (12 Oct 2015)

Paul Flynn: ...the same source, and we have to take it seriously. The small percentages do not relate to the extent of the danger. I remind the House that Professor Nutt said that we would have to stop 5,000 people using cannabis to prevent one case of psychosis. That still makes it a serious problem, but the great lesson is that prohibition has caused people to suffer greatly. People have been...

Scottish Parliament: Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 (1 Oct 2015)

Jenny Marra: ...present an obstacle to prosecuting cases of child exploitation. Children are often exploited in ways that are less defined than forced labour and servitude. That includes forced criminal activity such as cannabis cultivation, shoplifting or enabling others to obtain benefits, for example through fraudulent claims. Such forms of exploitation can be prosecuted under the section 1 offence of...

Scottish Parliament: Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill (1 Oct 2015)

Margaret Mitchell: ...that Scotland was not chosen because there were not sufficient numbers here to make a pilot viable. However, at the time, the cabinet secretary undertook to get more details from the Home Office. Given the number of cannabis farms that are being discovered—they are being discovered almost on a daily basis—and the link between cannabis workers and trafficking, I ask whether he...

Scottish Parliament: New Psychoactive Substances (29 Sep 2015)

Richard Simpson: .... Frankly, criminalising the things that we are trying to criminalise has tended to drive them into the hands of the criminal fraternity. In America, more states are now removing their ban on cannabis, and we should watch that experiment with great interest. There is a taxable, quality-assured market for it. It is not harm free, but it is likely to be a lot less harmful than it has been.

Dangerous Driving Penalties — [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] (17 Sep 2015)

Nusrat Ghani: south-east Sussex. In another incident, the driver who was behind the wheel of his car while twice over the alcohol limit was banned for six months. Another individual was caught with herbal cannabis and admitted to smoking the drug, but was only banned for 12 months and fined 300. I would like some clarity on sentencing and some sort of order to the convictions—sentencing...

[Valerie Vaz in the Chair] — NHS (Contracts and Conditions) (14 Sep 2015)

Paul Flynn: ...time, on a subject that terrifies MPs. We hide our heads under the pillow to avoid talking about it, but the public are very happy to talk about it in great numbers. That subject is the idea of legalising cannabis so that people here can enjoy the benefits enjoyed in many other countries that do not have a neurotic policy that is self-defeating and actually increases cannabis harm. But...

Business of the House (10 Sep 2015)

Chris Grayling: ...October will be as follows: Monday 14 September—Debate on an e-petition relating to contracts and conditions in the NHS. Monday 12 October—Debate on an e-petition relating to making the production, sale and use of cannabis legal.

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] — Report (Continued) (14 Jul 2015)

Baroness Hollins: ...I refer to my interests in the register but make it clear that I am speaking in a personal capacity. As a doctor, I think this amendment provides quite an elegant solution to the clear need to make cannabis available for medicinal purposes. That is the point of it. Such a law could address a need that has been clearly been there for quite some time and could be used to find a solution to a...

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] — Report (14 Jul 2015)

Lord Rosser: ...Commons, 23/6/15; col. 737.] A succession of inspection reports produced by the prisons inspectorate, covering Highpoint, Bristol, Liverpool and Deerbolt prisons among others, has shown high levels of use of synthetic cannabis. There is a market in drugs in at least some prisons, and it can lead as well to incidents of bullying, harassment and debt. The taking of psychoactive substances...

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] — Committee (2nd Day) (Continued) (30 Jun 2015)

Lord Howarth of Newport: ...peculiarly difficult to find out what is really going on. The drug scene constantly mutates: you can monitor usage of some particular drugs but you can be pretty sure that if you find that there is a dip in the use of cannabis, it is because there is an increase in the use of ecstasy or whatever. It is very hard to keep track of it. I notice that in the report on new psychoactive...

Mental Health: Young People — Question for Short Debate (30 Jun 2015)

Baroness Tyler of Enfield: ...the least likely to engage with existing services. The task force found good examples of workers trained to deliver support in a flexible, approachable and joined-up way to help reach some of the most needy young people. What really brought this to life for me was the case study of Jay, a 17 year-old cannabis dealer involved in gang activity, who was mistrustful of professionals, fearing...

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] — Committee (2nd Day) (30 Jun 2015)

Lord Howarth of Newport: .... We ought to aim at that. We should encourage responsible conduct by people who would seek to supply psychoactive substances to the market in this country. There is evidence that many people operating cannabis cafes in the Netherlands for example, particularly because they are under pretty close police and other supervision, take good care to ensure that the products that they offer are...

Written Answers — Home Office: Cannabis (29 Jun 2015)

Lord Fearn: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what legislation governs the use of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL] — Committee (1st Day) (Continued) (23 Jun 2015)

Lord Howarth of Newport: ...available one substance in each of the three principal classes of drugs. The first would be a stimulant—it might be MDMA, better known as ecstasy. The second would be a depressant, which might be cannabis—the noble Baroness, Lady Meacher, spoke of the significance of the ratio of THC to CBD within any individual variety of cannabis. If you have no THC, you have no...

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL]: Committee (1st Day) (23 Jun 2015)

Lord Bates: is possible to license some of these drugs so that they can continue to be tested. We were talking earlier about how universities and research institutions can continue testing on drugs such as cannabis. That is a key point: that testing will go on. I will make sure about that before Report.

Drugs: Cannabis — Question (17 Jun 2015)

Baroness Meacher: To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they have any plans to reschedule cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 to enable its use for medicinal purposes.

Psychoactive Substances Bill [HL]: Second Reading (9 Jun 2015)

Lord Winston: ...Imperial College, which is why I did not put my name down to speak. When I was chairman of the Science and Technology Select Committee some years ago, we looked intensively at the medicinal uses of cannabis. One of the pieces of evidence was very compelling and enabled us to think about rather permissive legislation. It was that a number of people who had medical conditions, such as...

Dyfed Powys Police Helicopter (9 Jun 2015)

Mike Penning: ...different roles that the helicopters have. They do everything from rescues—even though other facilities can be called on in this part of the world and in other parts of the country—to tackling organised crime and, in particular, cannabis growing. Hon. Members may not yet have had an opportunity to see some of the videos available from heat-seeking cameras, which help us to know...

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