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Public Administration Select Committee: Backbench Business — Easter Adjournment (10 April 2014)

Tom Brake: slavery is an abomination. Members of Parliament all read their local papers avidly, and we can all spot the cases of modern slavery they contain, such as the brothels that have been closed down or the cannabis farms that can be found in all sorts of places, including neat, tidy and relatively affluent suburbs such as Sutton, Carshalton and Wallington. Cannabis farms are regularly...

Immigration Bill: Report (3rd Day) (7 April 2014)

Baroness Butler-Sloss: ...;Don’t leave your mobile on the table because a child will run in and pick it up, come out and throw it to someone else”. They are the ones called mobile surfers. There are Vietnamese boys cultivating cannabis farms, of which there are 7,000 to 8,000 in the United Kingdom, and there are other forms of forced labour. The United Kingdom has signed up to the Council of Europe...

UK Automotive Industry — [Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] (1 April 2014)

Richard Burden: ...feature looking for the fastest political party, and the good news, at least for the Opposition, is that I soundly beat the Conservative candidate, but the rather bad news is that I was beaten by the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, so I do not necessarily talk about that too much.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Drugs: Prescribed Drug Addiction (31 March 2014)

Earl Howe: ...interventions are designed to treat drug misuse and help drug misusers achieve specific treatment goals. They are the mainstay of treatment for the misuse of cocaine and other stimulants, and for cannabis and hallucinogens. People receive prescribing and psychosocial interventions in different settings, and these are recorded by the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) as; -...

Public Bill Committee: Criminal Justice and Courts Bill: New Clause 21 - Drugs for which prisoners etc may be tested (27 March 2014)

Jeremy Wright: ...the MDT programme to achieve its purpose, it must test prisoners for the drugs they most commonly misuse. Historically, those have been substances often misused in the community, predominantly heroin and cannabis, so the existing drug-testing power in section 16A of the Prisons Act 1952 was sufficient. However, as prisons have improved the effectiveness of their measures to restrict the...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Forensic Science Service (11 March 2014)

David Ford: ...For example, we are looking at such things as live links to link scientists to the courts and save them taking time away from the lab. We have seen the introduction of the rapid analysis process for cannabis and a new streamlined process for other drugs. The PSNI is making preparations to include presumptive testing for cannabis, which will also reduce the number of cases that...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Private Members' Business: Legal Highs (10 March 2014) See 4 other results from this debate

Adrian McQuillan: ...neither here nor there when it comes to an individual purchasing them for consumption. These drugs are usually available in shops selling dugs paraphernalia, which includes items such as equipment to enable people to smoke cannabis. Although there is nothing illegal in selling the means to take drugs, I have to ask why. Surely, we are inviting drug abuse. At a time...

Estimates 2013-14 — Ministry of Defence: Department for Communities and Local Government — Private Rented Sector (4 March 2014)

Bob Blackman: of the area. We discovered 329 properties with buildings outlying or adjacent to the main house that are occupied. I am told that, as a result of the exercise, the police have also found a number of cannabis farms, which are another threat, not only because the domestic properties in question are no longer available to rent, but because cannabis farms lead to illegal trade. Clearly we...

Written Answers — Justice: Reoffenders (28 February 2014)

Jeremy Wright: ...urine alcohol concentration in excess of the prescribed limit Criminal Damage, 5,000 or less; Criminal Damage Act 1971; Magistrates Courts Act 1980; Allotments Act 1922 Possession of controlled class B drug Cannabis Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, sec 5 (2) Reoffending levels have been far too high for far too long, Government's ‘Transforming Rehabilitation’ reforms for England...

Written Answers — Health: Drugs: Rehabilitation (13 February 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Diana Johnson: ...many people (a) entered and (b) completed drugs treatment in the last 12 months for which figures are available; and in each case how many people were treated for (i) opioid, (ii) cocaine, (iii) cannabis and (iv) amphetamine addiction.

Housing Benefit and Universal Credit in the Social Housing Sector (Regular Payments): Police (12 February 2014)

Ian Paisley Jnr: ...Crime Agency is a national issue, and the big issues of criminality that affect Northern Ireland have implications here. Of the drugs that circulate around Manchester and Liverpool, most of the cannabis is grown in Northern Ireland. Last year, 42 cannabis farms were discovered in Northern Ireland. Most of the trade was not in cannabis dealing or for smoking the drug in Northern Ireland:...

Fire Sprinklers Week (6 February 2014)

Jim Fitzpatrick: ...of more than 200,000 people and is one of Phoenix’s five districts. It is a big community where people smoke, cook and use candles; they drink, and do all manner of other things—I am unsure whether Arizona is one of the states that has legalised cannabis—and fires do take place. Sprinklers have protected that community for decades. If the Minister wants to see sprinklers...

Scottish Parliament: New Psychoactive Substances (6 February 2014) See 3 other results from this debate

Roseanna Cunningham: ...that everybody agrees that our thoughts are with the families who have been affected. I will put the new drugs into context as we consider the implications for policy and practice. The most commonly used drug in Scotland is still cannabis. There is a legacy of problem opiate use that stretches back decades, with which we are all—sadly—familiar. Responding to the new drugs, like...

Written Answers — Home Department: Cannabis: South West (6 February 2014)

Adrian Sanders: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many cannabis farms were identified in each local authority area in Devon and Cornwall in each of the last three years for which figures are available.

Written Answers — Home Department: Drugs: Screening (4 February 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

James Paice: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) when he plans to introduce saliva drug testing kits for drugs other than cannabis; and if he will make a statement; (2) what approval process will be followed for the use of saliva drug testing kits for drugs other than cannabis; and if she will make a statement.

Written Answers — Home Department: Cannabis (20 January 2014)

Roger Gale: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if she will bring forward legislative proposals to make over-the-counter retail sales of cannabis seed illegal; and if she will make a statement.

Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill — Report (1st Day) (8 January 2014)

Lord Faulks: ...myriad different circumstances—perhaps the sort of behaviour where youths gather specifically under a particular person’s window and regularly play noisy music, are aggressive and perhaps smoke cannabis, providing day by day harassment of individuals.

Christmas Adjournment (19 December 2013)

Tom Brake: ...discuss those issues, because clearly it is unacceptable that people are living in sheds. It was noted that in Slough there were just over 6,100 houses where people were potentially living in sheds, although I suspect that some of them were cannabis farms, because of the heat generated. He also highlighted the number of fires that had happened over a three-year period—just under 350,...

Written Answers — Health: Cannabis (18 December 2013)

Mark Williams: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what his policy is on the use of cannabis in the treatment of multiple sclerosis; (2) what recent studies his Department has commissioned on the medicinal uses of cannabis.

Written Answers — Justice: Drugs: Misuse (16 December 2013)

Bob Ainsworth: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice whether his Department has (a) produced, (b) commissioned, (c) evaluated any research suggesting a correlation between offending behaviour and cannabis use; and whether such research informed his decision to extend drug testing requirements from Class A to Class A and B drugs for those on licence and under the new supervision period.

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