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Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Cannabis (7 May 2008) has video

Ann Widdecombe: I very much welcome the Government's U-turn on this matter, but will the Home Secretary accept that the years between the downgrading of cannabis and today have been a wasted opportunity? Will she also accept that if she is concerned about enforcement, she should consider the possibility of fixed penalty fines, as they do not involve the police in all the hassle of cautions and court cases,...

Orders of the Day — Criminal Justice Bill (4 December 2002)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: offence of substantial possession in drugs cases. The arrestability for possession of drugs has been mentioned. My principal concern is that following the Home Secretary's decision to reclassify cannabis—I shall leave my strong disapproval of that to one side for a moment—someone who carries a substantial quantity of it can argue that it is for personal use only and is, for...

Drugs Strategy (10 July 2002)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: May I ask the Home Secretary what consideration he gave to creating an offence of substantial possession? If those in possession of cannabis will not now be arrested unless they deal to children or cause a public order offence, what will be the position of those in possession of substantial amounts of cannabis? Where the police do not have quite enough evidence to prove intent to supply and...

Criminal Justice and Court Services Bill (28 March 2000)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: ..., such as heroin and cocaine. Does that not, whether intentionally or unintentionally, send out yet another message that the Government have given up the war against class B drugs, in particular cannabis? What will happen to those who test positive for heroin or cocaine, but against whom the main charges are subsequently dropped? What action, if any, will be taken against them to address...

Orders of the Day — Wild Mammals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill (28 November 1997)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: ...that there must be consensus before we lock people up, that if there is a large body of opinion that says that something is okay, we must not lock up the practitioners. What about the legalisation of cannabis? A sizeable body of opinion, with which I am totally at odds, says that cannabis is all right. I defend to the hilt society's right to lock up the purveyors of cannabis. I defend also...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Prisons (Drugs) (20 March 1997)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: ...that of more than 32,000 prisoners tested between April and October 1996 under the random drug testing programme, between 20 per cent. and 25 per cent. tested positive. The vast majority were for cannabis. Further research is in hand to provide a more detailed picture.

Orders of the Day — Home Secretary (Prison Service) (19 October 1995)

Miss Ann Widdecombe: a prison that was undergoing major structural reorganisation. The governor also decided to reduce the amount available on phone cards, because he discovered that they were being used to pay for cannabis, heroin and syringes—to finance drugs, gambling, trade and debts. Then he went and doubled the allowance. How does that make for a responsible governor? How can a man who could...

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