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Written Answers — Justice: Prisoner Escapes (22 January 2013)

Jeremy Wright: The annual number of absconds has reduced significantly over the last several years with the number of absconds in 2011-12 being at the lowest level since central records began. Of those prisoners who do abscond, the majority are quickly recaptured, returned to closed conditions and referred to the police for prosecution. The following table (Table 1) shows the number of absconds from prisons...

Written Answers — Justice: Alternatives to Prison (20 December 2012)

Jeremy Wright: On 12 July 2012 we published several process evaluations of the Intensive Alternatives to Custody pilots(1), results of the initial analysis on the impact of IAC on reoffending(2) and a short report with the main findings from the process evaluations, break even analysis and impact feasibility study(3). The impact analysis looked at the reoffending rates for offenders sentenced to the...

Written Answers — Justice: Risley Prison (19 November 2012) See 1 other result from this answer

Helen Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many assaults on staff have taken place at HM Prison Risley in each of the last five years.

Written Answers — Justice: Prisons: Merseyside (17 October 2012)

Jeremy Wright: The information is as follows: (1) All prisoners new to custody and/or new to the particular prison are provided with key information relevant to their first days in the establishment: to help them understand their entitlements and responsibilities; and how to access support available to them. Local induction policies must be compliant with the national specification but will be tailored to...

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