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Upcoming Business – Commons: Select Committee (1 September 2014)

Public Accounts: Out-of-hours GP services in England. 3:15 pm; Room 15, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: Una O'Brien CB, Permanent Secretary, Department of Health, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England, Dame Barbara Hakin, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer, NHS England and Professor Keith Willett, Director of Acute Care, NHS England

Scottish Parliament: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Annual Service Charge) (21 August 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Jim Eadie: 3. To ask the Scottish Government whether it will confirm the latest total annual service charge payable by NHS Lothian to Consort Healthcare for the most recent financial year in relation to the Edinburgh royal infirmary. (S4O-03483)

Scottish Parliament: Engagements (21 August 2014)

Alex Salmond: ...”. On the question of the health service, if Johann Lamont cannot bring herself to agree with me, how about agreeing with Unison? The union said: “Devolution means they can’t run down and privatise our NHS directly” from London “the way they are doing in England. But what they can do is starve it of resources. They are cutting back on the money provided to the...

Scottish Parliament: Scottish Government Economic Strategy (21 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Neil Findlay: ...that would result in a separate Scotland having an £8.6 million black hole in its finances? Will he apologise for what cancer specialist Dr Anna Gregor says is the complete “and utter lie” about NHS privatisation in the event of a no vote?

Scottish Parliament: Scotland’s Future (21 August 2014) See 16 other results from this debate

Alex Salmond: ...millions rely on.” It was Nye Bevan who once said of the national health service that you do not need a crystal ball “when you can read the book.” Today, we can read the book produced by the Labour Party called “The Choice: NHS”, which discusses what Labour calls “the Tory threat”. It says that under the Tories the prospect for the NHS is that...

Scottish Parliament: Decision Time (21 August 2014)

...decisions about Scotland’s future are the people who care most about Scotland, those who live and work here; further agrees that an independent Scotland will protect the founding values of the NHS, build a more secure, sustainable economy with greater job opportunities and will provide parents, children and disabled people with the support expected of a decent society, and agrees...

Scottish Parliament: Mental Health Nurses (Police Stations) (20 August 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Kenny MacAskill: ...for healthcare in custody has transferred to the national health service. A lot of work has been undertaken across Scotland on providing forensic nurses in police custody suites, culminating in the NHS establishing regional networks in April 2014. That work has proved extremely useful in providing quick and appropriate clinical care for a range of people in custody, including people with...

Scottish Parliament: Department for International Development (20 August 2014)

Clare Adamson: ...that public services should not be for private profit. In the section on “Gains from Independence”, the white paper states: “Public services can be kept in public hands. The Scottish Parliament has the power to keep the NHS in public hands but it could not stop other services such as the Royal Mail being privatised by Westminster”. The direction of Westminster is a...

Scottish Parliament: Business Motions (19 August 2014)

Tricia Marwick: for— (a) Tuesday 19 August 2014 after followed by Topical Questions insert followed by Ministerial Statement: Ferguson’s Shipyard followed by Ministerial Statement: The Future of the NHS delete 6.00 pm Decision Time and insert 6.30 pm Decision Time and (b) Wednesday 20 August 2014 after 2.00 pm Portfolio Questions Justice and the Law Officers; Rural Affairs and the...

NHS Scotland (19 August 2014)

NHS Scotland

Scottish Parliament: Independence (National Health Service) (14 August 2014) See 3 other results from this debate

Malcolm Chisholm: 1. To ask the Scottish Government whether it will make a statement about the consequences for the NHS of a no vote and a yes vote in the referendum. (S4O-03451)

Scottish Parliament: Older People (Support) (14 August 2014)

Sarah Boyack: reduce delayed discharges. Does he have the figures for what it costs the national health service to fund keeping older people in hospital as opposed to their being at home? Does he have a breakdown by NHS board of those figures? Do the figures equate to that £100 million?

Scottish Parliament: New Cancer Centre and Women’s Hospital (Aberdeen) (Funding) (13 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Lewis Macdonald: I am sure that NHS Grampian will welcome that commitment. For staff and users, the big question is when the work on the new facilities will begin and when it will be completed, given that the Government announced its intention to progress the projects earlier in the current financial year. Can Mr Swinney tell us in which financial year he anticipates that construction of those projects will...

Scottish Parliament: Welfare (13 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Jackie Baillie: ...National Party, the answer is independence. That is its answer to every question, no matter what the question is. When Labour was building the welfare state, the answer was independence; when we were creating the NHS, the answer was independence; and now, as families face a cost-of-living crisis, the answer again is simply independence. The truth is that people in Scotland are caught...

Scottish Parliament: Older People Living Independently at Home (Support Services) (12 August 2014)

Rhoda Grant: The cabinet secretary will be aware that there is a lack of funding to provide support and rehabilitation services due to council budget cuts. That has led to bedblocking in many areas, with the NHS struggling to cope. He will also be aware of issues around the inadequacy of care when it is available, with care visits of 15 minutes or less. Although we welcome the additional funding, it is a...

Scottish Parliament: Ebola Virus (12 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Michael Matheson: ...workers throughout Scotland have been notified that they must be extra vigilant when dealing with patients who have recently travelled to affected areas. In the past fortnight, we have asked all NHS boards in Scotland to confirm that they have arrangements in place to deal with suspected cases of Ebola. All boards provided assurances that they are prepared. A short-life working group has...

Scottish Parliament: Economic Opportunities of Independence (12 August 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Roderick Campbell: ...will be voting yes because he wants to see a revolution in Scotland’s health record which, in his view, would have a knock-on economic effect. He believes that—leaving aside the impact of the privatisation of the NHS down south—independence offers opportunities that the status quo simply does not offer. When we speak of the risks of independence, let us also remember the...

Scottish Parliament: National Health Service (Privatisation) (7 August 2014) See 5 other results from this debate

Neil Findlay: 2. To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to privatise NHS services. (S4O-03442)

Scottish Parliament: English National Health Service (Privatisation) (7 August 2014) See 4 other results from this debate

Aileen McLeod: 4. To ask the First Minister what impact privatisation of the NHS in England will have on the budget available to the Scottish Government. (S4F-02243)

Scottish Parliament: Scotland and Malawi (5 August 2014)

Richard Simpson: ...from most of sub-Saharan Africa, the UK, Europe and the USA. It is a good example of a project that receives multiple support from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland, the Scottish Government, NHS Education for Scotland, the Tropical Health and Education Trust and local postgraduate deaneries and tutors. The other big topic is tackling infectious diseases, particularly pneumonia...

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