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Upcoming Business – Lords: Main Chamber (8 June 2015)

The impact of the current deficit position of the NHS on its ability for seven-day working – Lord Hunt of Kings Heath. Oral questions

Queen’s Speech — Debate (2nd Day) (Continued) (28 May 2015)

Baroness Falkner of Margravine: ...understanding of the meaning of security beyond the economic sphere. In doing so, they need to start a national conversation about security having costs—costs that sometimes entail sacrifices in other areas, be they health, education or even the national religion of the United Kingdom, the NHS. Yet beyond expert debates in this House and in the outer reaches of Whitehall, the debate...

Debate on the Address: Home Affairs and Justice (28 May 2015) See 4 other results from this debate

Keir Starmer: ...Labour’s period out of office in the 1980s and 1990s, he was promoted to the high-profile role of Secretary of State for Health after the 1997 election. He was particularly trenchant in his opposition to the Iraq war, to invasions of civil liberties and to the privatisation of the NHS. Widely respected and widely regarded, he served the people of Holborn and St Pancras for 36 years....

Business of the House (28 May 2015) See 2 other results from this debate

Wes Streeting: Given that both of Redbridge’s NHS trusts are in special measures, primary care is in crisis and our accident and emergency waiting times last winter were among the worst in the country, will the Leader of the House arrange for a debate on the impending closure of the accident and emergency unit at King George hospital, which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of the people of...

Zero-Hours Contracts (27 May 2015)

Richard Bacon: ...particularly significant is the concentration of workers on zero-hours contracts in certain sectors. The Financial Times reported in April 2013 that there were more than 100,000 zero-hours contracts in use across NHS hospitals, the number having risen by 24% over two years. In the hotel and catering sector, some 53% of employers make at least some use of these contracts, and it has been...

Outlawries Bill: Debate on the Address — [1st day] (27 May 2015) See 11 other results from this debate

Rob Marris: protect the next generation. I agree with that aim, but all they are doing is privatising it. This Government will either have to borrow money, as the last Government did, to meet their promises, such as an 8 billion rabbit out of a hat for the NHS, or they will have to put up taxes. However, they have restricted themselves in the Gracious Speech so that they cannot put up income...

Queen’s Speech — Debate (1st Day) (27 May 2015) See 2 other results from this debate

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon: ...Government’s rationale and fear that behind the apparent good intention sits a more hard-nosed agenda. Over the past five years, major funding reductions for local government, education, social security and policing, combined with the transfer of key NHS responsibilities on to councils, have left parts of our country feeling cast adrift and bereft of previous support. Imagine the...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Executive Committee Business: Welfare Reform Bill: Final Stage (26 May 2015)

Alex Attwood: ..., the collective worse than the individualist. As Thatcher said, you will always spend the pound in your pocket better than any government will. Now he tests that – possibly to destruction. All but the NHS, overseas aid and schools will be cut by a third, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies." So, whatever the context was — I will give way to the Minister in a moment...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Adjournment: Causeway Hospital (21 April 2015)

Mervyn Storey: ...his post and needs to be given all possible support. The Minister will probably have something to say about this, but let us remember that Simon Stevens, who took up the position of chief executive of the NHS in England in April, said that small hospitals were vital in meeting the needs of an ageing population and would provide focus for the community services that have become "too...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Private Members' Business: Block Grant (14 April 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Simon Hamilton: ...hearing both parties outbidding and outgunning each other in respect of protecting health and education in real terms or cash terms, and we have had the recent commitment by the Conservative Party to put a further 8 billion a year into the NHS in England by 2019-2020, which would have significant positive Barnett consequentials for Northern Ireland because of the high degree of...

Elections for Positions in the House: Backbench Business — Valedictory Debate (26 March 2015)

Andrew Lansley: years—contrary to what the right hon. Member for Greenwich and Woolwich said, I had a long tenure in that post—and then the privilege of serving as Secretary of State for Health. Supporting the NHS and improving the health of the people of this country has been my passionate commitment in Parliament. In opposition, we fought for safer care and, in government, we got it....

Penrose Inquiry — Statement (26 March 2015)

Earl Howe: The noble Baroness makes a very important point. NICE guidance on the first of the new hepatitis C drugs is expected in June this year. Pending that, in April last year NHS England introduced an early access scheme for the new hepatitis C therapies. Over 700 patients have now been treated as a result of that policy, including some of those who were infected by blood or blood products in the...

Elections for Positions in the House: Deputy Speakers (26 March 2015)

Charlotte Leslie: It was a publicly minuted decision not to prepare a report on NHS public expenditure. Secondly, I have not, as was claimed last night, been referred for any investigation. Can you advise me on how I might put this false information straight?

Oral Answers to Questions — Business, Innovation and Skills: Penrose Inquiry (26 March 2015) See 3 other results from this debate

Diana R. Johnson: Thank you for granting the urgent question, Mr Speaker. I thank the Minister for her response. As we know, the contaminated blood scandal was the biggest disaster in the history of the NHS. Today we should again remember all those who contracted HIV and hepatitis C, and their families. For them, this is not an historical issue, but an ongoing tragedy which continues to have a devastating...

Oral Answers to Questions — Business, Innovation and Skills: Regional Growth (26 March 2015)

Ian Murray: ...negotiations will have on our national health service and public services. Will the Minister and his business team use this very last Business, Innovations and Skills questions to rule the NHS out of the TTIP negotiations, or will it be left to a Labour Business Secretary and a Labour Government, as it always is, to save our NHS?

Oral Answers to Questions — Business, Innovation and Skills: Topical Questions (26 March 2015)

George Freeman: drive negotiations with the company on a fair price. It is also right to point out that we have launched an accelerated access programme for the quicker adoption of innovative medicines in the NHS, which will also help.

Written Answers — Department of Health: Domestic Accidents: Pendle (26 March 2015)

Norman Lamb: ...recorded. Count of finished admission episodes (FAEs)1 where an external cause2 of fall was recorded, for Pendle parliamentary constituency3, 2010-11 to 2013-144 Activity in English NHS Hospitals and English NHS commissioned activity in the independent sector Year FAEs 2010-11 760 2011-12 790 2012-13 709 2013-14 750 Source: Hospital...

Written Answers — Department of Health: Health Services: Lancashire (26 March 2015)

Andrew Stephenson: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what NHS spending per head of population in East Lancashire has been in each of the last two years.

Written Answers — Department of Health: Hospitals: Waiting Lists (26 March 2015) See 3 other results from this answer

Barry Sheerman: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, how many non-admitted patients had been waiting for over (a) 18, (b) 26 and (c) 52 weeks for treatment in each NHS and NHS foundation trust in each month since May 2010.

Written Answers — Department of Health: Dermatology (26 March 2015)

George Freeman: ...completion. The Department was not involved directly or indirectly in the reprocurement of the services. On 1 April 2013 the Department’s responsibility under the contract passed to NHS England. The reprocurement was managed locally by the clinical commissioning group and the local area team of NHS England; the contract was awarded to Circle after a competitive procurement process.

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