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Oil Prices: Rural Consumers — Question (29 January 2015)

Baroness Verma: ...that it is vital that the benefits of plunging oil prices are passed on quickly to consumers. In addition, we are well on the way to giving 17 of the most rural areas on the UK mainland a 5p per litre fuel duty rebate. The Scottish islands and the Isles of Scilly are already benefiting from this rebate. We continue to monitor price movements closely.

Government Contracts (SMEs) — [Philip Davies in the Chair] (28 January 2015)

Iain McKenzie: ...Access to finance—getting those loans—is still a problem. Another problem is tax simplification; tax can be difficult and confusing for SMEs. A further difficulty, which we have heard about many times, is fuel duty; the cost of fuel is crippling many small businesses. The final problem is late payments. If a payment is not made on time, that can end a small business, especially...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Oil Prices (27 January 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Andrew Tyrie: ...owners who need cars to get to work? The House will realise that no Chancellor will want to commit himself now, but will he at least agree that there is now great merit in a period of stability in fuel duty?

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Tax Credits and Employment (27 January 2015)

Priti Patel: ...not forget either that the impact of Labour’s great recession is still being felt. We continue to help people with the cost of living through the increases in personal allowances, the freeze in fuel duty, cuts in council tax and, of course, by reducing the cost of child care.

Infrastructure Bill [Lords]: New Clause 15 — Advice on likely impact of onshore petroleum on the carbon budget (26 January 2015)

John Bercow: ...;( ) The licensing of onshore shale gas extraction underlying Scotland. ( ) Responsibility for mineral access rights for onshore extraction of shale gas in Scotland.”” New clause 4— Committee on Climate Change shale gas reports— It shall be a duty of the Committee on Climate Change to produce Reports into the effects of exploitation of shale gas in the UK on net...

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Taxation (26 January 2015) See 1 other result from this answer

Iain McKenzie: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, if he will reduce fuel duty and VAT on road fuel; and if he will make a statement.

[Mr James Gray in the Chair] — Green Deal (22 January 2015)

Tim Yeo: ...of my Committee. Increasing the energy efficiency of UK households addresses all three aims of energy policy. It improves security, cuts energy bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It particularly helps the fuel-poor to make their homes warmer and more comfortable, and it improves public health as well. So, energy efficiency is the true “no regrets” policy. The Committee...

Fuel Prices (21 January 2015) See 5 other results from this debate

Amber Rudd: ...are different prices for petrol, and the fact is that people are seeing a reduction in the price of petrol. The hon. Gentleman will be aware that although the price of oil has a big impact on the price of fuel, it is not, as the hon. Member for Inverclyde said, the only element in the price of petrol. Duty also plays a large part, and I will make some comments about that in due course....

Opposition Day — [13th Allotted Day]: Trident Renewal (20 January 2015)

Joan Ruddock: ...requests. The results are terrifying and would be unbelievable if they had not come directly from official military sources. Historic accidents range from the proverbial spanner being dropped, causing a fuel leak, leading to a missile explosion, and a warhead being blown off, to a nut being left off a bomber, resulting in the engine catching fire and the fire only failing to reach the bomb...

Road Fuel Pricing (Equalisation) (20 January 2015)

Mark Garnier: I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require that companies selling road fuels be required to charge prices equalised between rural and urban areas; and for connected purposes. The retail market in road fuels is complex. According to the Petrol Retailers Association, the UK has 8,605 road fuel retailing sites—what the normal consumer would refer to as petrol...

Natural Environment — Motion to Take Note (15 January 2015)

Baroness Ludford: ...main problem is diesel engines. Although there were undoubtedly good reasons for encouraging diesel, it is way past time for a radical change in policy direction. That will mean giving attention to the fiscal and other frameworks—such as fuel duty, vehicle excise duty and so on—under which people have been encouraged to go for diesel. I do not own a car but sheepishly admit...

Opposition Day — [12th Allotted Day]: Energy Prices (14 January 2015) See 2 other results from this debate

Michael Weir: ...hon. Gentleman mentioned new entrants to the market. Yes, there are new entrants, but many are internet based and depend on direct debit, and the very people whom we most need to help with lower fuel prices are those least able to take advantage of those deals. Many perhaps do not have a bank account or may already have a debt with an existing supplier that means new suppliers will not...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Charter for Budget Responsibility (13 January 2015)

Guy Opperman: ...have seen tremendous increases in manufacturing, particularly in the north-east. We have infrastructure support, city deals, regional devolution on a scale not seen before, support for apprenticeships, fuel duty frozen, increases to the fairer funding formula on education, and reductions in unemployment in every constituency across the north-east, including by 50% in my constituency. We...

Pension Schemes Bill — Committee (2nd Day) (Continued) (12 January 2015)

Lord Best: ...assist those in their extended middle age who want to move from family housing to a tailor-made apartment or bungalow. Such moves, as well as preventing and pre-empting problems in later life, have very positive financial effects with savings in fuel bills, maintenance costs, garden upkeep and the rest. We also noted the complexities involved in the financial aspects of trading down or...

National Health Service — Motion to Take Note (8 January 2015)

Earl Howe: ...charities, which I know the party opposite supports. The key here is that it is not politicians who take these commissioning decisions but clinicians. As the noble Baroness conceded, there has not been a change in the Secretary of State’s core duty. He is responsible for promoting a comprehensive health service. This remains consistent with the wording of the original 1946 Act. At...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Pay (6 January 2015)

Lord Deighton: ...). Employment has increased by 1.7 million since the Coalition came to power and this Government has taken decisive action to support working families, by raising the personal allowance, freezing fuel duty, and introducing tax-free childcare.

Serious Crime Bill [Lords] (5 January 2015)

Ian Paisley Jnr: ...have so far failed to act. Secondly, we need to put in place resources to tackle smuggling, particularly the smuggling and the profits derived from the illegal smuggling and the illicit trade of fuel in our country. That is action that could be taken. We should make an example of those known criminals who are involved in this type of serious and organised crime by punishing them properly...

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