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Criminal Justice and Courts Bill — Report (1st Day) (20 October 2014) See 16 other results from this debate

Lord Faulks: ...I agree that it is important that journalists can undertake genuine investigative work to uncover misconduct, these amendments raise complex areas that need more thinking and a detailed understanding. I am sure that the majority of journalists work with the utmost integrity but there is a risk that such defences could encourage a culture of wrongdoing, however well intentioned they may be....

West Cumberland Hospital (20 October 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Daniel Poulter: .... The trust can be proud and pleased with the progress that it is making in that respect. An important aspect of looking after patients is to ensure that there is a full rota of junior doctors on site, and I am sure that if the progress in increasing the amount of consultant cover is maintained, that will become available again in the future. On performance, the trust has put in place a...

Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill: Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure (20 October 2014) See 5 other results from this debate

Roberta Blackman-Woods: ...parishes finding themselves under a bishop who declines to ordain women priests who request a woman or, indeed, a male bishop who is supportive of women. Fast-tracking is also an issue. As I am sure hon. Members are aware, women could not be ordained priests before 1994, so the length of their priestly service has historically been restricted. As such, there is an urgent and important need...

Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill: Clause 3 — Responsibility (20 October 2014) See 7 other results from this debate

Sadiq Khan: ...currently drafted, it will be the subject of derision and confusion, or that even if that does not happen, it will fall into disuse.”—[ Official Report, 21 July 2014; Vol. 584, c. 1204.] Today, I think he called it a silly piece of legislation, and I am sure he will be speaking shortly. In Committee, the expert witnesses whom the Government invited to give evidence in support...

Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill: Clause 1 — When this Act applies (20 October 2014)

John Bercow: .... We must now focus on amendment 1, as we are not having a Second Reading debate. Being the sort of dutiful, law-abiding fellow that the hon. Member for Coventry South (Mr Cunningham) is, I am sure his intervention will be entirely in order.

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Illegal Abattoir:  County Monaghan (20 October 2014)

David Ford: I appreciate the serious points that have been made. I am not sure whether Ms Ruane was in the House when I answered an earlier question from her colleague Ms McGahan on the issue of livestock thefts and cross-border movements of livestock, which was highlighted from the south Tyrone side rather than the Monaghan side. I am well aware of those difficulties. It is an issue on which...

Children: Obesity — Question (20 October 2014)

Earl Howe: There is, I am sure, no more elegant way of describing the issue under consideration at the moment. The noble Lord makes a very important point about heredity. I do not think that sufficient is understood about the role of our genetic make-up in the way in which we all differ in our weight and size. However, for those who are obese, there are clear, evidence-based actions that they can take...

Schools: Careers Advice — Question (20 October 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Baroness Prosser: I thank the Minister for that quite helpful reply. However, I am sure that he is aware that in providing careers advice, schools face an inherent conflict. The funding regime for senior schools depends in part upon numbers of pupils being retained in the sixth form to study GCSEs and A-level subjects, and of course the position of schools in the league tables is a hugely important pressure on...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: PSNI: Limavady (20 October 2014)

David Ford: ...Coleraine question. However, given that in the Limavady area — policing district G — there are currently operational custody suites in the Waterside, Strand Road and Strabane, I am not quite sure how anybody from that direction would be travelling 50 or 60 miles. If it is an issue for Coleraine, then the distance from Coleraine to Antrim, where there is a very significant...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Maritime Support Delivery Framework (20 October 2014)

Iain McKenzie: I am sure that the Minister would like small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from these contracts as much as large companies. What is he doing to make it easier for SMEs to get into the supply chain?

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Strategic Defence and Security Review (20 October 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Michael Fallon: No. The 2010 review rightly identified the need for agile and flexible forces, and set out the numbers. It is too early to prejudge the review that will be conducted next year, but I am sure that the House will want to salute the achievement of our armed forces in so many difficult parts of the world.

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Troop Deployment: West Africa (20 October 2014)

Andrew Gwynne: Will the Minister explain to the House what provisions are being made in Sierra Leone to make sure that the treatment facilities that he described, which are being put in place by the British armed forces, remain secure?

Isil (20 October 2014)

Michael Fallon: ...right hon. Gentleman will know better than anybody the work that is being done by the Home Secretary and the Home Office in this regard, stepping up the number of checks that can be made and making sure that those here are deterred from making that journey to fight for ISIL, which as a proscribed organisation therefore involves a criminal offence.

Isil: Legal Claims (20 October 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Anna Soubry: ...of Human Rights should be involved, when, as he says, there is already international humanitarian law and, of course, the Geneva convention, both of which are tried and tested. That is how we make sure that things are done properly; we do not need the ECHR in this respect at all.

Isil: War Graves (20 October 2014)

Anna Soubry: ...only last week; in fact, I saw the letter this morning. I am more than happy to meet him to discuss the matter, because I think it may not be quite as simple as it appears at first blush. I am sure we can find a way of resolving it and am happy to meet both him and, of course, his constituent.

Isil: Topical Questions (20 October 2014)

Anna Soubry: I am pleased to say that all local authorities have now signed up to the covenant. We must now make sure that everybody delivers on it. If I may say so, it is beholden on councillors and, indeed, MPs to make sure that we now see real delivery at local level and put the covenant into practice so that none of our service personnel and their families, or indeed our veterans, suffers any...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Jobs:  North-west (20 October 2014)

Mitchel McLaughlin: And make sure that you have a licence. [Laughter.]

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Welfare Reform Legislation (20 October 2014)

Peter Robinson: ...reduction in public services and the health service, the education service and the Police Service get run down as a result of 1,000 million being taken out of our block grant. We need to balance those issues and make sure that we do something that is in the best interests. Although it may be difficult for some in our society, we need to do the best that we can for all of them....

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Corporation Tax (20 October 2014)

Peter Robinson: ...them thereafter; my fear is that Treasury might say that it expects a certain level of fiscal management responsibility and that it will therefore hold back from devolving those powers. I am sure — I say this in order to satisfy the concerns of Treasury — that the real difference between welfare reform and corporation tax is that there is unanimity around the Executive...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Shared Campuses (20 October 2014)

Joe Byrne: I thank the First Minister for his answers on Lisanelly. Will he state whether all the capital moneys can be put in place in a sequenced order to make sure that the schools that want to go there can avail themselves of the opportunity as soon as possible?

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