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Results 1–20 of 2153 for "Stewart Stevenson"

Scottish Parliament: Disabled Persons’ Parking Badges (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 (19 Aug 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: Like others, I congratulate Dennis Robertson on bringing forward the bill, which I am sure is going to be successful at 17:50. As a bill, it is perhaps a return to the way in which the old Scots Parliament legislated. The Common Good Act 1491 was a mere four lines long. Dennis Robertson’s bill has the clarity in conception, the purity of purpose and the economy of expression that is...

Scottish Parliament: Scotland’s Festivals (14 Aug 2014)

The Deputy Presiding Officer: I call Stewart Stevenson, to be followed by Fiona McLeod. [Interruption.] I beg your pardon. I call Willie Coffey, to be followed by Liam McArthur. My mistake—my apologies.

Scottish Parliament: Economic Opportunities of Independence (12 Aug 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: :Like Elaine Murray, I am going to be a bit of a parochialist, but I am also going to be an internationalist. The people in my constituency earn their living in a variety of ways. Fishing is a long-running industry. Over the years, my constituency has been the site of the biggest whaling port in the world, and people travelled from there to the other end of the world. Today we have...

Scottish Parliament: Commonwealth Games 2018 (6 Aug 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: 4. To ask the Scottish Government what its position is on the assertion in the International Business Times about an independent Scotland’s participation in the 2018 Commonwealth games. (S4O-03434)

Scottish Parliament: Scotland and Malawi (5 Aug 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: It has been said of Malawi that it is the warm heart of Africa. What better country could we seek to have a relationship with? I will pick up on some of the things that Sarah Boyack said about agriculture and highlight some of the great challenges that we in our western developed world are imposing on countries such as Malawi—and perhaps on Malawi in particular. Two thirds of...

Scottish Parliament: Showmen’s Guild (125th Anniversary) (19 Jun 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: I congratulate Richard Lyle on securing time for the debate. The debate focuses on the 125th anniversary of the Scottish Showmen’s Guild, which is an impressive achievement. I am sure that I speak for many people who have enjoyed the entertainment that the guild provides in streets and in country locations across Scotland. My parents used to let me go—I must have been a...

Scottish Parliament: Budget Process (Standing Order Rule Changes) (17 Jun 2014)

Elaine Smith: The next item of business is consideration of motion S4M-10312, in the name of Stewart Stevenson, on standing order rule changes: budget process. I call Stewart Stevenson to move the motion on behalf of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee.

Scottish Parliament: Decision Time (17 Jun 2014)

The Deputy Presiding Officer: The next question is, that motion S4M-10312, in the name of Stewart Stevenson, on standing order rule changes: budget process, be agreed to. Motion agreed to, That the Parliament notes the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee’s 3rd Report 2014 (Session 4), Standing Order Rule Changes - Budget Process (SP Paper 512), and agrees that the...

Scottish Parliament: “Hybrid Bills” (12 Jun 2014)

Tricia Marwick: The next items of business are consideration of two motions in the name of Stewart Stevenson, on behalf of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee. The first of the two debates is on motion S4M-10243, on the committee’s report on “Hybrid Bills”.

Scottish Parliament: “EU Legislative Proposals: Review of Standing Orders” (12 Jun 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: In 2010, the Parliament agreed a new European strategy for its committees. That followed major changes that had been introduced by the treaty of Lisbon, which gave the Scottish Parliament, through the UK Government, a role in raising subsidiarity concerns. The strategy was supported by standing order changes. At the time, the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee thought...

Scottish Parliament: Decision Time (12 Jun 2014)

...makes provision that would be within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament if it were contained within an Act of that Parliament. The fifth question is, that motion S4M-10243, in the name of Stewart Stevenson, on “Hybrid Bills”, be agreed to. Motion agreed to, That the Parliament notes the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee’s 4th...

Scottish Parliament: Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2012 (10 Jun 2014)

Claire Baker: ...a rise in emissions. The Government defends the lack of progress by focusing on the shifting baseline, but such adjustment was not unexpected. In relation to the 2010 figures, the then minister, Stewart Stevenson, said that the early experience highlighted the need not just to plan to meet the targets but to build in contingency. If that had been done we might not be in the position that...

Scottish Parliament: Older People (10 Jun 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: I agree with him.

Scottish Parliament: Aberdeen’s Engagement Strategy with Japan (5 Jun 2014)

Mark McDonald: ...look at the cultural opportunities and links that exist. In September 2011, the Scottish samurai festival was held at the Bridge of Don, which is where Thomas Blake Glover lived before he moved to Nagasaki. If my colleague Stewart Stevenson had been here, he would have been reminding us all that Glover was, in fact, born in Fraserburgh in his constituency; however, as Mr Stevenson is not...

Scottish Parliament: Independent Scotland (European Union Membership) (4 Jun 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: Will the member take an intervention?

Scottish Parliament: Air Passenger Duty (3 Jun 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: Will Patrick Harvie take a very brief intervention?

Scottish Parliament: Local Television (29 May 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: I join others in congratulating Joan McAlpine on securing this important debate. I apologise for perhaps not hearing the whole debate, should I have to leave early for the Conveners Group meeting that starts shortly, although I will certainly look at it afterwards. The Scottish Parliament information centre tells me that broadcast media—TV and radio—employ something like 3,500...

Scottish Parliament: Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme (29 May 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: I draw members’ attention to my entry in the register of members’ interests in relation to my membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. On objective B3-12, on “Improving driver skills”, is the minister aware that driving 10mph slower delivers 10 per cent cash savings and 10 per cent emissions savings for only a 2 to 3 per cent average speed reduction on...

Scottish Parliament: Regeneration (27 May 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: It is very easy to agree with everything that the member is saying. Does he agree that it is important that we are ambitious enough about seeing some of the initiatives that do not work and learning things not to do? Although we want everything to succeed does the member agree that we want ambition to be displayed and that we should send a strong signal that when failure occurs, the lessons...

Scottish Parliament: Scottish Wildlife Trust (50th Anniversary) (27 May 2014)

Stewart Stevenson: As other members have done, I thank John Wilson for providing us with the opportunity to have this debate, which is—of course—about thanking the Scottish Wildlife Trust for the work that it has done over the past 50 years. I am sure that the current Minister for Environment and Climate Change will value—as I did, as a minister—the sage words that come from many of the...

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