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Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Economic Growth (The Humber) (9 December 2014)

Danny Alexander: ...have been a number of initiatives in the Humber area that have helped to grow the economy, not the least of which is the enormous effort that Ministers in several Departments made in attracting the Siemens investment to Hull, which is an incredibly important part both of creating jobs in that area and of delivering our ambitions for renewable energy.

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Autumn Statement (3 December 2014)

George Osborne: ...north of England. I think there are real opportunities, alongside the flood defence programme in the Humber estuary that we have talked about. The investment in the enterprise zones there and the Siemens investment in Humberside are important. There are lots of great things happening in Hull, and the “Hook up Hull” campaign is yet another example of a great campaign that we are...

Wessex Route Study (Passenger Capacity) — [Mr Gary Streeter in the Chair] (2 December 2014)

John Hayes: ...Member for Devizes (Claire Perry), announced the latest capacity enhancement to be contracted with South West Trains. As part of plans to provide capacity for an extra 24,000 peak-time passengers each day, 150 new vehicles are being manufactured by Siemens to be put into passenger use by the start of 2018. However, the hon. Member for Nottingham South—as she said, I know her...

Opposition Day: Government Policies (Wales) (26 November 2014)

Hywel Williams: Does the Secretary of State agree that successful exporting businesses such as Siemens in my constituency would be even more successful if the A55 were upgraded from its present woeful state?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (26 November 2014)

David Cameron: green energy, which is producing jobs in our country. Obviously what is happening in Newhaven is welcome, but so too is what is happening on the Humber estuary and in Hull, with the large Siemens investment, which is not just about making wind turbines, but will involve a huge supply industry around it.

Rail Services (Portsmouth Harbour) (11 November 2014)

Robert Goodwill: ...the Member for Devizes, who has just joined us in the Chamber, joined with South West Trains to announce the latest capacity enhancement to be contracted. Some 150 new vehicles are being manufactured by Siemens to be put into passenger use on South West Trains by the start of 2018.

Previous Business – Lords: Select Committee (11 November 2014)

Digital Skills: Digital Skills. 10:00 am; Room 2, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: (at 10.15am) evidence will be heard from from Chris Jones, Chief Executive Officer, City & Guilds; Martin Hottass, Manager, Skills & Siemens Professional Education, Siemens and Sue Husband, Director, Apprenticeships and Delivery Service, Skills Funding Agency (SFA)

South West Trains (29 October 2014)

Claire Perry: ...of the 38 billion investment commitment is being spent on the South West Trains network. Just a few weeks ago, I was on the platform at Waterloo with South West Trains and its Network Rail alliance colleagues, Siemens and Angel Trains, to announce that 150 new vehicles are currently being made to be put into use on the franchise by the start of 2018. The introduction of the new...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Economic Growth (28 October 2014)

Matthew Hancock: ...needed to give business the confidence to invest. Industrial strategy has already helped to create jobs and encourage significant investment by industry. Notable examples include the announcements by Siemens and the UK’s Associated British Ports to invest a total of 310m in wind turbine factories in Hull and across the UK creating over 1,000 jobs and Balfour Beatty to spend a...

[Sir Alan Meale in the Chair] — Communicating Climate Science (23 October 2014)

Julie Elliott: .... The Committee on Climate Change, the Government’s independent advisory body, has warned the Government about their mixed messages on climate change. For example, the CCC supports a 2030 power sector decarbonisation target, as do Labour and large renewable energy developers such as Siemens, and yet the Government have refused to set such a target. For the sake of clarity, I should...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (22 October 2014)

Andrew Percy: ...hit north Lincolnshire and east Yorkshire, and many of my constituents are still out of their homes. Given the importance of the Humber to the UK economy—inward investment from companies such as Siemens, energy generation, petrochemicals and so on—and given that we know another surge will happen in the next 50 years, may I urge the Prime Minister to look favourably on the plan...

The Chairman of Ways and Means took the Chair as Deputy Speaker (Standing Order No. 3) — European Union (Referendum) Bill (17 October 2014)

Damian Green: want us to stay in a reformed Europe. It is not just the CBI, as he quoted, but the Engineering Employers Federation and many big companies. Ford, BAE Systems, Unilever, Citibank and Siemens have all warned of the damage that will be caused to their businesses if we pull out. Of course, that would affect not just their businesses but tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of...

Public Bill Committee: Childcare Payments Bill: Examination of Witness (14 October 2014)

...we had a major retender of our back-office operations contract, because for the past 15 years NS&I was outsourced—all of our back office and front office—to a company that was formerly known as Siemens, but was then bought by Atos. We went through a very rigorous retender process, at which exactly the sort of work envisaged with tax-free child care was specified in the...

Written Answers — Ministry of Defence: Armed Forces: Rehabilitation (6 October 2014)

Anna Soubry: ...Partnership (CTP). We work with all industry sectors to offer Service leavers a range of employment options through the creation of partnerships with major organisations such as BAE Systems, Jaguar, Siemens and Google. The CTP helped 85% of Service leavers find sustainable employment within six months of leaving the Armed Forces in 2013-14. The MOD supports a range of schemes to help...

Previous Business – Commons: Select Committee (9 September 2014)

Business, Innovation and Skills: Business-University Collaboration. 9:30 am; Room 16, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director, Academic Liaison, GlaxoSmithKline, Professor Paul Beasley, Head of R&D, Siemens and Henner Wapenhans, Head of Technology Strategy, Rolls Royce

Energy and Climate Change: Topical Questions (4 September 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Diana Johnson: With Hull city council yesterday granting final planning permission to Siemens, will the Secretary of State join me in encouraging everyone to take advantage of the new green jobs that will be coming to the city, while deploring the statement that UKIP put out saying it would rather the wind turbine jobs went abroad and the statement of the Hull Green party, which last week told BBC Radio...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Veterans: Employment (30 July 2014)

Lord Astor of Hever: .... We work with all industry sectors to offer Service Leavers a range of employment options and positions through the creation of partnerships with major organisations such as BAE Systems, Jaguar, Siemens, Google and BT Openreach. The CTP helped 85 per cent of Service Leavers find sustainable employment within six months of leaving the Armed Forces in 2013/14. Those who are medically...

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Traineeships Programme (21 July 2014)

Nicholas Boles: I am delighted to be able to tell my hon. Friend that Virgin Media, Jaguar Land Rover, Siemens, the BBC, National Grid and Barclays, to name just a few, are committed to setting up and offering traineeships. I will certainly be happy to look into seeing whether any of those could be available to his constituents in the Medway area.

Petitions: Rail Services (Northern Lincolnshire) (16 July 2014)

Martin Vickers: ...growth. The Government have indicated on many occasions the importance they place on northern Lincolnshire and the wider Humber area. It has been acknowledged that the area has great economic potential. Siemens has already confirmed its investment on the north bank. The massive development by Able UK is going through its final planning stages. I hope that that major scheme will start in...

[Martin Caton in the Chair] — Ofsted (14 to 17-year-olds) (16 July 2014)

Andrew Percy: ...Obviously, north Lincolnshire forms part of the Humber region, which unfortunately has a very low skills base. That is one of the biggest risk factors on the local enterprise partnership’s risk register in terms of bringing in new investment. New investment is coming from Siemens, and one of the company’s big concerns has been about the local skills base. The Humber has some...

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