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Scottish Parliament written answers — National Health Service: National Health Service (3 March 2011)

Nicola Sturgeon: ...Isles and NHS Western Isles have not supplied the relevant information. The National Enhanced Services marked * were actioned by NHS Boards under the current Scottish Enhanced Services Programme (SESP).

Written Answers — International Development: Ghana: Schools (10 December 2007)

Gareth Thomas: ...building for universal basic education project (CUBE) supports capacity building in Kano, Kaduna and Kwara states, including in the implementation of the World Bank's state education sector project (SESP). The wider SESP will support the renovation and construction of classrooms in 98 schools in the three states; The 26 million girls education project (GEP) is funded by DFID and...

Scottish Parliament written answers — Health: Health (13 November 2007)

Shona Robison: ...initiative which seeks to maximise the potential for local government to create environments that encourage children to lead more active and healthy lives. The Scottish Enhanced Services Programme (SESP) has given NHS boards the option to offer services for children with unhealthy weight when an adult family member presents for existing obesity services. Uptake of this service is a matter...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Free School Meals (15 January 2001)

Martin McGuinness: ..., there is the group 1 schools initiative, which provides additional funds to support agreed action plans for schools for which the support offered through the special education support programme (SESP) is insufficient, due to the scale of socio- economic and educational disadvantage.

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