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Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Motec (Livingston) (19 October 1982)

Motec (Livingston)

Industrial Training (20 July 1982) See 3 other results from this debate

Hon. Peter Morrison: ...Dalyell). I shall refrain from saying too much about his speech because it was directed to a board that is not being discussed. I hope that he appreciates that I am aware of his great concern about Motec at Livingston. He has been to see me about the matter. As I have told him in the past, it is for the board to come to a decision. However, I listened carefully to the strong sentiments...

Industrial Training (14 June 1982)

Mr Harold Walker: ...other people's property and money? My understanding is that the boards' fixed assets and cash assets, in most cases, have come out of levy income, and not from public funds. The Under-Secretary shakes his head. If the Under-Secretary tells me, for example, that the MOTEC establishment of the road transport industry training board at Livingston or the distributive industry training board's...

Job Prospects (17 May 1982)

Mr Tam Dalyell: ...of departments must be maintained. I take the opportunity, on a constituency basis, of referring to a training establishment that I believe to be profoundly valuable not only to Scotland but to the north of England. This concerns the proposed closure of Motec at Livingston. Motec is the industrial training centre for the road transport industry training board. The idea is that, because of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Employment: Training Boards (4 May 1982) See 1 other result from this debate

Mr Tam Dalyell: Before the axe falls on the Road Transport Industry Training Board's facility, the MOTEC at Livingston, will the Minister pay it a visit?

Orders of the Day — Public Accounts (19 April 1982)

Mr Tam Dalyell: ...are not of ephemeral significance. In the light of this experience, I am greatly tempted to bother the Comptroller and Auditor General on another issue, the question of the expenditure of public money in relation to Motec of Livingston—the proposed closure of the road transport industry trading board unit. That establishment caters for apprentices, and a great deal of public...

Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Vehicle Testing (7 April 1982)

Mr Tam Dalyell: Will the Minister arrange for senior officials from her Department to visit MOTEC Livingston, the purpose-built centre with its fault simulators and paint shops for the training of apprentices—30 per cent. from Scotland and 70 per cent. from the North of England—before any decision is taken to close it on 13 April?

Oral Answers to Questions — Questions to Ministers (24 March 1982) See 1 other result from this debate

Mr Tam Dalyell: Mr. Speaker, are Chairman, to be answered by the right hon. Member for Middlesbrough (Mr. Bottomley) is a slightly different matter. I recently tabled a question concerning the cost of the visit to MOTEC, Livingston, by members of the Select Committee on Employment—my hon. Friends the Members for Newcastle-under-Lyme (Mr. Golding), Glasgow, Maryhill (Mr. Craigen) and Thurrock...

Orders of the Day — Industrial Training Bill [Lords] (22 March 1982) See 2 other results from this debate

Mr Tam Dalyell: ..., because of my pleas both to Ministers in interviews, during the Budget debate, and on the Consolidated Fund, there is a live and urgent issue involving the road transport industry board at MOTEC. I do not wish to stray out of order, but—

Orders of the Day — Industrial Training Boards (16 March 1982) See 8 other results from this debate

Mr Tam Dalyell: ...increased efficiency of individual firms is being achieved at a reduced overall national efficiency. That is why it is so mad, so daft, at this point in time even to propose closing set-ups like the very efficient MOTEC at Livingston. National economic and basic social considerations require that we should do everything in our power to re-employ the unemployed. To close down the centre at...

Orders of the Day — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation (10 March 1982) See 2 other results from this debate

Hon. Nicholas Ridley: ...incomes. I should like to deal with some of the shorter points that were raised. The hon. Member for West Lothian (Mr. Dalyell) will not expect me to go at length into the matter of the Livingston MOTEC, but I gather that it is a responsibility of the training board. As far as I know, the board is greatly concerned about rumours that the Livingston MOTEC might close. I do not have any...

Orders of the Day — Employment and Training Bill (9 February 1981)

Mr Warren Hawksley: I have a constituency interest in this proposed legislation, particularly with regard to training establishments. At High Ercall in my constituency we have the MOTEC training centre, which is run by the Road Transport Industry Training Board. It is an interesting centre and I have visited it on many occasions. My comments will centre mainly on that board, but they will also cover points that...

European Community (Driving Licence) (4 November 1980)

Mr Tam Dalyell: .... Many people who are perfectly good drivers may not pass strict clinical criteria. My locus for speaking, apart from a general European interest, is that I represent a driving instruction school, Motec, at Livingston. I have been asked to raise succinctly two separate issues. The first arises from paragraph 6(b) in the supplementary explanatory memorandum, which states that our interests...

STANDING ORDER No. 80 (ESTIMATES COMMITTEE): Road Transport (Industrial Training Levy) (21 January 1971)

Mr Paul Bryan: I was coming to that point. I am conscious of that fact, and it is probably because the agricultural engineering industry joined fairly lately. One would hope to put that right as time goes on. I think that the representation is right but it would appear also that the communication is not as good as it might be. Now I turn to the board's financial position. It is clear that one of its...

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