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Intellectual Property Bill [HL]: Second Reading (22 May 2013)

Baroness Brinton: My Lords, I will start by declaring an interest. My husband is a research engineer who works for Cambridge Consultants, which works with clients to develop patents and copyright protection. I also remind the House that in the past—it is not a current interest—I was a venture capitalist, helping mainly academics spin ideas out of university and into the commercial world. That was a...

Growth and Infrastructure Bill — Second Reading (8 January 2013)

Baroness Brinton: ...most recent 10 or 20 years of high-tech growth. Sixty years ago, Trinity College built the first science park on green land, housing some of the new era of spin-outs from the university, including Cambridge Consultants and many others. Since then, spin-outs and sons and daughters of spin-outs have set up further and further away from the centre of Cambridge because a small medieval city...

General Matters (5 April 2011)

Julian Huppert: ...are some very successful areas. Cambridge science park has more than 100 global companies, 145 square metres of R and D floor space, and more than 5,000 jobs on site in important high-tech companies such as CSR and Cambridge Consultants. Nearby, Cambridge business park has another 1,200 jobs in companies such as Autonomy and Cambridge Broadband Networks and so on. St John’s...

Prayers: Oxford and Cambridge College Fees (19 November 1997)

Mrs Anne Campbell: ...Therapeutics; information services, in firms such as Analysis and UUnet; computer hardware and software, in firms such as Olivetti and Xemplar, and now Microsoft, and industrial consultancy, in firms such as Cambridge Consultants and Scientific Generics. Those firms are known not just nationally but internationally as excellent in their fields. Those companies also generate huge revenues...

Oral Answers to Questions — Technology: Computer Technology (11 July 1967)

Mr Julian Ridsdale: Is the Minister aware that this project has been assessed by a private firm of consultants, Cambridge Consultants, and that some people are gravely concerned that the money going into computers is going into the big companies and no support is being given to the small ones and that we are very disturbed that Parliamentary accountability is not given to N.R.D.C.? Can we have a debate on this?

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