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Bill Presented: Take-over Bids (11 February 1954)

Sir Walter Fletcher: ...state in which it was originally built. It has had its face lifted several times and quite horrible, tortured, steel furniture has taken the place of good club upholstered arm chairs. Tweed has replaced brocade. But the service remains admirable and the hotel is today exactly in essence the same as when it was built 50 years ago. It has been maintained out of revenue in perfect condition....

Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Fourth Schedule. — (Purchase Tax: Prescribed Lists for Wearing Apparel and for Cloth, etc.) (18 June 1952)

Mr Ralph Assheton: ...that has been made, I think they might be of interest. On a good quality mercerised cotton damask the Purchase Tax was previously 12s. a yard; now it is only 5s. On Utility cotton and rayon printed brocade the Purchase Tax, which was 3s. 4d., is now 1s. 2d. per yard. To give an even more striking case, a wool tapestry which sold in the shops three months ago at 49s. 6d. a yard,...

Orders of the Day — British Army (Service Overseas) (12 October 1944)

Mr Quintin Hogg: clothe the king with a most sumptuous material which was to have magical properties. These properties were that if a person was of pure heart he could see the beauties and embellishments on the brocade, but that if he were not of pure heart he could see nothing there at all. The king was induced to order a suit of clothes made of this material whereupon he appeared in court horribly and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Italy (Enemy Vandalism) (1 August 1944)

...Priverno they had sacked the church of S. Giovanni. At Velletri the Germans had carried off pictures and the contents of the creasury of Sta. Maria del Trivio; in the Tribunate they had ripped the brocade coverings off the chairs, they had slashed with knives the pictures in the Cathedral and had sacked the seminary attached to it, carrying off instruments, etc. It was noticeable that...

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