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Results 1–20 of 4492 for "Autonomy"

Budget Statement — Motion to Take Note (21 Jul 2015)

the Bishop of Birmingham: costs and the dream of independent housing is still far out of reach. These and other measures are in my view—and, I believe, in the Government’s—best achieved with a very strong commitment to regional responsibility and autonomy. Your Lordships touched on this in the end of the previous debate. Investment in infrastructure and public services has already...

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill [HL]: Third Reading (21 Jul 2015)

Baroness Williams of Trafford: service: a duty to secure continuous improvement in quality of services; a duty to have regard to the NHS constitution; a duty to have regard to the need to reduce inequalities; and a duty to promote autonomy. These duties are set out in Sections 1A to 1F of the National Health Service Act 2006. As I have made clear, there is no intention or possibility of the Bill changing these...

Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill [HL] — Report (20 Jul 2015)

Lord Best: ...tells them how to spend the money they receive from selling their assets, these charities may become classified by the Office for National Statistics as “public bodies”. If government takes away the autonomy of charities and assumes the role of their boards or trustees in crucial decision-making, a line may be crossed. Already, government heavily regulates the activities of...

Constitutional Convention Bill [HL] — Second Reading (17 Jul 2015)

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard: ...exogenous external shock. When the oil price halves, the national economy greatly benefits but the economy of north-east Scotland does not. The SNP should be careful what it asks for. Had it now got the full fiscal autonomy it sought, and ostensibly still seeks, it would be in dire fiscal straits. The second category of central state responsibility must be to ensure, although not...

Business of the House: NHS Reform (16 Jul 2015)

Helen Whately: I welcome a huge amount of the statement, particularly about the balance between transparency and more autonomy and the combination of scrutiny and support. Does the Secretary of State agree that not only hospitals and GPs but community and social care services need to be 24/7?

Written Answers — Department for Education: Primary Education: Sports (16 Jul 2015)

Edward Timpson: ...teaching that increases participation levels in physical activity, and leads to healthier pupils who are more engaged across the whole curriculum. In order to achieve this we have given schools the autonomy to make decisions on how they spend the primary PE and sport premium that will secure sustainable benefits for schools. The primary PE and sport premium is given directly to primary...

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill [HL] — Report (2nd Day) (15 Jul 2015)

Baroness Williams of Trafford: ...set out in Amendment 66. The Secretary of State is already under a duty when exercising functions in relation to the health service to have regard to, always subject to the interests of the health service, the autonomy of the bodies exercising health functions.

Supply and Appropriation (Main Estimates) Bill: English Votes for English Laws (15 Jul 2015)

David Davis: .... The problem started in 1998. I guess that the right hon. Member for Gordon (Alex Salmond) will remember—no one else in the House would have reason to do so—that in 1998 I argued for fiscal autonomy for the new Scottish Parliament, for a more federal solution and for proper treatment of the West Lothian question. All those things were self-evident in 1998 as long-term...

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Scotland Bill (15 Jul 2015)

David Mundell: ...Scotland Bill is a matter of substance, which will transfer significant powers to the Scottish Parliament, and it should be treated seriously. Some of the amendments, not least those for full fiscal autonomy, have not been serious. I am looking at all the amendments, sorting the wheat from the chaff, and will bring forward Government amendments on Report.

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Public Expenditure (15 Jul 2015)

David Gauke: follow a different route. Perhaps it is time the SNP explained how it would use those powers, rather than constantly complaining about wanting more powers. On hurting the poorest, full fiscal autonomy, which would cost the Scottish people £10 billion a year, would hurt the poorest in Scotland.

Public Bill Committee: Education and Adoption Bill: Clause 1 - Coasting schools (14 Jul 2015)

Nick Gibb: The hon. Gentleman makes a very important point. It is always a combination of standards and structures. Structures do help. They give autonomy to professionals, they improve accountability, and they allow the types of intervention that are set out in the Bill and that were legislated for in 2006 by the then Labour Government. We have to do that together with a standards agenda, which is why...

Public Bill Committee: Education and Adoption Bill: Clause 1 - Coasting schools (14 Jul 2015)

Nick Gibb: possible to the regime that applies to independent schools, with the exception that, under the funding agreement, the academies are funded by the taxpayer and are therefore free to parents and pupils. We want professional autonomy for headteachers and teachers. That is a key feature of the academies programme and has been successful in ensuring that we now have more than 1 million...

Written Answers — Department for Education: Teachers: Pay (13 Jul 2015)

Nick Gibb: ...on recommendations from the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), the independent body that advises on teachers’ pay and conditions. The reforms introduced in the last Parliament have given greater autonomy to schools to decide how to reward their staff and how quickly pay progresses. The most successful teachers are now able to progress faster than before. Following...

National Health Service: Sustainability — Motion to Take Note (9 Jul 2015)

Lord Kakkar: ...addressed similar challenges in a more effective fashion? Have those models and systems of care been more effective at dealing with prevention as well with the management of patients with chronic conditions, at providing autonomy for healthcare providers, and at ensuring that innovation can be applied and adopted in the most effective and rapid fashion? Finally, how do Her Majesty’s...

Public Bill Committee: Education and Adoption Bill: Clause 5 - Appointment of interim executive members (9 Jul 2015)

Kevin Brennan: I will not test your patience, Sir Alan, by debating at length with the Minister what the OECD actually says; he and I have had such debates in the past. The OECD favours school autonomy in the education †system, and we, too, believe that autonomy is important for schools and that they should not be held down unnecessarily by regulations. However, that does not necessarily mean that...

Business of the House (9 Jul 2015)

Chris Grayling: ...the 1990s, in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. If we are to have a debate on mis-selling, the mis-selling that we should be debating is the outrageous way in which the Scottish National party claims that fiscal autonomy would be fine and would not lead to a massive deficit in Scotland, huge tax increases for the Scottish people, and an economic disaster for that country.

Office of Lord Chancellor (Constitution Committee Report) — Motion to Take Note (7 Jul 2015)

Lord Faulks: ...That study reached a number of conclusions, including the fact that the judiciary and judicial independence emerged stronger from the 2005 changes with the inclusion of tribunals in the courts system, a more independent and visible Supreme Court, and greater autonomy of the Lord Chief Justice as the head of a more professional judiciary. The report recognised the change in the role of the...

Public Bill Committee: Education and Adoption Bill: Clause 4 - Power to require governing body to enter into arrangements (7 Jul 2015)

Nick Gibb: ...that sponsor-led academies can make a positive difference, particularly those that are part of a well managed group or chain of schools. That is really the essence of the academies programme: professional autonomy and the excitement that the hon. Gentleman talked about, combined with the fact that there is a formal collaborative arrangement. The most successful academy chains use that...

Public Bill Committee: Education and Adoption Bill: Clause 2 - Performance standards and safety warning notices (7 Jul 2015)

Nick Gibb: ...and questioned whether the Conservative party is truly committed to it. Yes, we are—as he almost acknowledged. The academies programme is taking †such powers to the frontline and to teachers and professionals. The academies programme is all about autonomy for professionals. It is not about delegating to another statutory body; it is about giving powers directly to teachers, so...

Bill Presented: English Votes on English Laws (7 Jul 2015)

Edward Leigh: ...of Barnett consequentials, affects Scotland too. It is well known that I believe that we should get rid of the Barnett formula and replace it with a needs-based formula and that we should give full fiscal autonomy to our Scottish friends, which would solve all these problems. But the Secretary of State for Scotland has resisted those amendments, so we are where we are. I finish on this...

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