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The Chairman of Ways and Means took the Chair as Deputy Speaker (Standing Order No. 3) — European Union (Referendum) Bill (17 October 2014)

Julian Smith: On the issue of sides and changing them, several months ago the hon. Gentleman said that the only way to secure a referendum was to vote Conservative. Why has he changed his mind? Was he telling an untruth then, or is he telling an untruth now?

Business of the House: ISIL: Iraq and Syria (16 October 2014)

Julian Smith: The women and men of our intelligence and security services are doing the most incredible job at this difficult time. Will my right hon. Friend pass on the thanks of this House and confirm that if they need anything—whether support from this place or further budget and financial support—they will be given it?

Business of the House (16 October 2014)

Julian Smith: The transatlantic trade and investment partnership has the potential to bring huge opportunities for British businesses to trade more easily with our biggest trading partner. May we have a statement from the Government to bang the drum for the agreement, update the House on where we are with it and nail some of the dodgy myths that have been put about in recent weeks?

Women and Equalities: Tata Steel (16 October 2014)

Julian Smith: May I direct the Minister to an article in The Economist that mentions Gary Klesch, head of the Klesch company, which is thinking of taking over this Tata unit? It states that: “Europe needs people like Mr Klesch…he brings discipline and fresh ideas.” Will the Minister reject the doom-mongering of the Labour party, and support Gary Klesch in making the most of this business?

Women and Equalities: Public Institutions (16 October 2014)

Julian Smith: What steps she is taking to increase representation of women on the boards of public institutions.

Women and Equalities: Public Institutions (16 October 2014)

Julian Smith: Does the Minister agree that as well as board appointments, it is vital that we have more women chief executives in public sector roles? Will she pay tribute to Ros Tolcher, who has become the chief executive of Harrogate hospital, which serves part of my constituency, taking to 100% the female leadership of NHS hospitals supporting Skipton and Ripon?

Bill Presented: Devolution (Scotland Referendum) (14 October 2014)

Julian Smith: The Yorkshire economy is twice the size of that of Wales. Yorkshire’s population, at 5.3 million, is similar to that of Scotland, and Yorkshire, like Scotland, has a brand and a name that is recognised the world over. We saw that in the summer with the Tour de France, which stunned television viewers across the world. The Grand Depart has been recognised as one of the best in cycling...

Bill Presented: Devolution (Scotland Referendum) (14 October 2014)

Julian Smith: Will the right hon. Gentleman now confirm that there is not a cat in hell’s chance of Labour coming to a conclusion on the issue of English votes for English laws by the next election—yes or no?

Bill Presented: Devolution (Scotland Referendum) (14 October 2014)

Julian Smith: Labour has 31 MPs in Yorkshire. Has he had any representations thus far from them on their views about the importance of English votes on English laws for Yorkshire people?

Government Strategy Against IS (12 September 2014)

Julian Smith: The Minister has rightly said that the Government must be given freedom to act. May I urge him to resist the attempts, such as in questions today, for the House to micro-manage this policy over the weeks ahead?

Business of the House (4 September 2014)

Julian Smith: Following the horrors contained in the Jay report, many people across Yorkshire just cannot believe that Rotherham council has today retained control of children’s services. May we have an urgent debate on how quickly the Government can move in and have the Department for Education install an independent trust to look after children in Rotherham?

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Child Sex Abuse (Rotherham) (2 September 2014)

Julian Smith: It beggars belief to many across Yorkshire that Rotherham council today retains responsibility for children’s services. I urge my right hon. Friend, at ministerial meetings, to look carefully at stripping the council of children’s services, as we have done in Doncaster, Slough and, previously, Hackney. I also urge her to look at the role of legal officers within the CPS, who in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Birmingham Schools (22 July 2014)

Julian Smith: As well as the counter-extremism unit, my right hon. Friend’s predecessor put in place a whole set of measures for looking at barring teachers, making funding more difficult to exclude poor schools, and having no-notice inspections. Is it not vital that we reassure parents through the action that this Government have already taken?

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (16 July 2014)

Julian Smith: The number of young people coming off the unemployment register across North Yorkshire is at a record high. Does the Prime Minister agree that today’s small business Bill, Conservative-inspired, is yet another boost to the women and men who are creating the jobs to make this happen?

Business of the House: The UK’s Justice and Home Affairs Opt-outs (10 July 2014)

Julian Smith: Does not the right hon. Gentleman agree with me that the Home Secretary and the Home Office have spent hours, days and months working to ensure that the many concerns people had about the European arrest warrant have now been addressed in UK law?

Business of the House: Communications Data and Interception (10 July 2014)

Julian Smith: I thank the Home Secretary for her statement and for the Government’s laser-like focus on keeping British families safe while ensuring that the legal framework is robust. Does she agree that our intelligence services have been subject to much unfair criticism of late—unfair because they operate within the law, because they are unable to speak fully for themselves, and because they...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Universal Credit (9 July 2014)

Julian Smith: When my hon. Friend the Member for Harrogate and Knaresborough (Andrew Jones) and I went to the Harrogate jobcentre recently, universal credit recipients were passionate about the confidence that the new scheme is giving them to get a job, and recruiters were persuasive about how it is making it easier to place people in jobs. Will the Secretary of State ignore the hue and cry from the...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Topical Questions (7 July 2014)

Julian Smith: At the weekend, millions of people turned up to watch the Tour de France across Yorkshire, and millions are on today’s route. Will the Home Secretary join me in paying tribute to Yorkshire police forces and the Metropolitan police? Does she agree that the presence of the French gendarmerie, with their experience of manning cycle routes, is another emblematic symbol of the importance of...

Opposition Day — [3rd Allotted Day]: DWP: Performance (30 June 2014)

Julian Smith: This is a cynical, mean-spirited and dubious motion. It was tabled by a Yorkshire Member, and, as a fellow Yorkshire representative, I cannot tell the House how surprised I am. The economic results achieved by the Government in Yorkshire are incredibly positive. Business confidence is growing: the number of business start-ups in north Yorkshire is now double the national average, and we have...

Opposition Day — [3rd Allotted Day]: DWP: Performance (30 June 2014)

Julian Smith: Absolutely—and the two people whom we met said that it was giving them the confidence to go out and find work. Representatives of recruitment firms told us that universal credit would make it much easier to place clients, because they would not be losing their benefits. A surprising aspect of the shadow Minister’s speech was the implication that she and her colleagues had not...

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