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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015: Motion to Approve (14 Sep 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, the Minister said in respect of the 28 days that a local housing authority “may not” fine. Could that be changed to “will not”? Would a landlord have a period of grace of 28 days after receiving a notification that they were not complying?

Civilian Use of Drones (EUC Report) — Motion to Take Note (8 Sep 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, it just remains for me to thank everyone who has taken part in the debate. Perhaps I may particularly thank my noble friend the Minister because he has been assiduous in taking note of all the points that were raised. I am sure that once he reads Hansard, he will see that he has forgotten nothing. His speech was exemplary and I thank him very much. I know that we have all said that...

Civilian Use of Drones (EUC Report) — Motion to Take Note (8 Sep 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, I am very pleased to move this Motion to Take Note. In this debate, I will refer to RPAS—remotely piloted aircraft systems—as drones. Not only will this make the language of my contribution less clunky but I hope that it will make it more accessible to the public. However, I am also sensitive to concerns that drones have major military and security implications, and make...

Kids Company — Question (8 Sep 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, does my noble friend feel that people who are asked to be trustees of charities are given enough information beforehand against which they can check whether they have any experience in those areas and are able to deal with things such as accounts? I know that friends of mine who are willing to work for charities do not really understand things such as balance sheets or income and...

International Students: Post-study Visa — Question (1 Jul 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, some time ago, as a member of a digital study that we were doing in this House, a group of us went to Imperial College. We were told categorically by graduate students there that they would have to leave within two or three months of finalising their studies. The Minister is saying that they do not have to do that, so why do we not get that message across? I am hearing that from...

Queen’s Speech — Debate (2nd Day) (Continued) (28 May 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, the gracious Speech states the following: “My Government will renegotiate the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union and pursue reform of the European Union for the benefit of all member states. Alongside this, early legislation will be introduced to provide for an in/out referendum on membership of the European Union before the end of 2017”. This...

Rural Payments Agency: Basic Payment Scheme — Statement (24 Mar 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, perhaps I may ask the Minister a very simple question. Is every single farmer IT literate? Does every single farmer have a computer? In other words, is every single farmer online?

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill — Report (3rd Day) (11 Mar 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, I wonder who would collect the data. Could we be assured that the data would always be fully acknowledged? I can see companies saying, “Well, I’m not going to fill in that form”. Many is the time one gets questionnaires and just throws them out. I am slightly concerned about the way in which this could be done. I agree with the noble Lord that there is an awful lot...

Broadband — Question (25 Feb 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, is the Minister aware of how great a social exclusion issue this is becoming? Only today the Carnegie UK Trust and Ipsos MORI brought out research showing that it is now a serious issue, particularly in Scotland. What are we going to do? It is not the speed of broadband that matters in this case but the actual access to it.

Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill: Second Reading (12 Feb 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: I hope that we are not going to start saying that it will be much more difficult for a woman to become a bishop than it was for a woman to get a senior position in the Army or the Air Force, or indeed in business. I was the first woman on many boards I sat on, and of course I felt nervous, but that was not because I was a woman. I just thought, “This is a new experience”. Anybody...

Local Enterprise Partnerships — Question (11 Feb 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, may I suggest that people write to Birmingham City Council and ask for details about how its LEPs are organised? As part of the team from European Union Select Committee Sub-Committee B, as part of our unemployment study, we visited Birmingham City Council and we also went out to some of the organisations funded by it and through the LEPs. That was quite revelatory. Of all the...

Pension Schemes Bill — Third Reading (5 Feb 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, surely there must have been discussions since the Bill had its First Reading between those in the pension business and those who act as financial advisers to people. Frankly, most people do not understand anything about pensions, and I think we have to accept that. Maybe people here do, but most people do not. You go to a financial adviser, who explains. I say, “Oh, take away...

National Infrastructure — Motion to Take Note (22 Jan 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, this is a brilliant debate, given that we are looking at investment in and planning for the United Kingdom’s national infrastructure. As noble Lords can probably see, I have torn up my speech completely and have scribbled only a few things because almost everything that I had wanted to talk about has been mentioned. The letter of May 2010 was a fact, although even then we were...

Assisted Dying Bill [HL]: Committee (2nd Day) (16 Jan 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: I am very grateful to the noble Lord for giving way. This is such an important day and we are, in effect, time-limited. We cannot really start the day by having Second Reading speeches.

Milk Production — Question (15 Jan 2015)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, the Question talks about the sustainability of the dairy industry. I am sure my noble friend is aware that the milk cheque is one of the most important ways of keeping agriculture going in this country. The number of dairy farmers has reduced from 30,000 about 15 years ago to 10,000 now. It seems that people are giving up. Can we impress this point on the Treasury, or whoever, and...

Digital Technology: UK Labour Market — Question (9 Dec 2014)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, this is a wonderful story about how skills will be increased, and how various businesses will have access to broadband. What about the 1.7 million people who do not have access to broadband and do not have access to a computer? The fact is, no matter how skilled they become and however many digital lessons they have, they will not be able to use those skills. Can we just have a...

EU: Research Budget — Question (2 Dec 2014)

Baroness O'Cathain: To ask Her Majesty’s Government, in the light of the creation of the European Commission’s New Deal, what steps they will take to protect the European Union research budget.

EU: Research Budget — Question (2 Dec 2014)

Baroness O'Cathain: The new deal will provide €315 billion in an attempt to improve the economy of some nation states that are still in economic slump. It is reported that the current €81 billion research and innovation budget is going to be, as the Daily Telegraph says, “gutted” and included within the new deal. I ask Her Majesty’s Government what will happen to the projects that...

Consumer Rights Bill — Report (3rd Day) (26 Nov 2014)

Baroness O'Cathain: The figures my noble friend gave us about the cost savings of doing it online in comparison with paper bills did not take into account the cost of installing broadband and buying computers to be capable of going online.

Consumer Rights Bill — Report (3rd Day) (26 Nov 2014)

Baroness O'Cathain: My Lords, I support my noble friend’s amendment. I have heard what has been said about people who opt for paying their bills online, or whatever, and get a discount; that would be fine if everybody in the country had online access, knew how to work computers and knew exactly what they were doing. The reality is not like that. The most disadvantaged in our country do not have online...

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