Schedule 1 - Terrorism prevention and investigation measures
Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill
10:30 am

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Gerry Sutcliffe (Shadow Minister (Home Affairs); Bradford South, Labour)

It would depend what time the wedding was. I have no objection to an individual going to a wedding. However, we need to consider the number of variations. The coalition Government contend that this is a strong regime, yet we are talking about individuals who would do us harm. In serious cases, such individuals pose a great threat, but cannot be prosecuted. There should be an air of caution. It is the Government’s duty to protect the majority and prevent the minority causing us problems.

The amendments define a curfew rather an overnight residence. “Curfew” would be consistent throughout the legislation relating to measures against individuals. The amendments also relate to the hours that could be made available. I will listen with interest to what the Minister has to say about making sure that the public are protected, and what his views are on the issues raised by the amendments.


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