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Holocaust (Stolen Art) Restitution Bill

  • Holocaust (Stolen Art) Restitution Bill, 1st sitting (1 speech)
    [Mr. Frank Cook in the Chair]
    • Clause 1 (8 speeches)
      Powers of de-accession
    • Clause 2 (5 speeches)
    • Clause 3 (16 speeches)
      Short title and commencement
    • New Clause 1 (0 speeches)
      Power to return victims’ property ‘(1) A body to which this Act applies may transfer an object from its collections if the following conditions are met. (2) Condition 1 is that the...
    • New Clause 2 (0 speeches)
      “Advisory Panel” ‘(1) For the purposes of this Act “Advisory Panel” means a panel for the time being designated by the Secretary of State for those purposes. (2) The...
    • Title (9 speeches)
      Amendment made: 1, in title, leave out lines 1 to 5 and insert ‘Confer power to return certain cultural objects on grounds relating to events occurring during the Nazi era’.—(Mr....