Written Evidence to be reported to the House.
Pensions Bill
2:00 pm

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Wayne David (Assistant Whip (funded by HM Treasury); Caerphilly, Labour)

You are a very fair umpire, Sir Nicholas.

I want to return to the issue that Mr. Farr raised of conditionally indexed schemes. I notice that in his written submission, and also orally today, the emphasis was placed on how lifting the ban on the implementation of those schemes has worked effectively in the Netherlands, for example. But, of course, the Netherlands is not the United Kingdom.

My question is not so much to you, Mr. Farr, but to Mr. Yeandle and Mr. Cridland. I get the impression that both the EEF and the CBI are lukewarm towards the suggestion and I wonder what would happen in practical terms. Do you think that there would be a reasonably large take-up by your members?


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