Northern Ireland Assembly debates
Tuesday, 27 March 2012

  • Northern Ireland Assembly (213 speeches)
    The Assembly met at 10.30 am (Mr Deputy Speaker [Mr Beggs] in the Chair). Members observed two minutes’ silence.
    • Parliament Buildings: Fairtrade Food and Beverages (6 speeches)
      4. asked the Assembly Commission what percentage of food and beverages sold in Parliament Buildings is of Fairtrade origin.     ...
    • Parliament Buildings: Visitors (6 speeches)
      5. asked the Assembly Commission whether it has undertaken any assessment of the impact of the increasing number of visitors on the fabric of Parliament Buildings.    ...
    • Parliament Buildings: Agrifood (10 speeches)
      6. asked the Assembly Commission to outline how it promotes the agrifood sector in Parliament Buildings.        &# 160;     (AQO 1683/11-15)
    • Constituency Offices: IT Provision (13 speeches)
      7. asked the Assembly Commission what plans there are to upgrade IT provision in constituency offices.   (AQO 1684/11-15)
    • Young Artists (9 speeches)
      8. asked the Assembly Commission to outline its efforts to showcase and promote young artistic talent through events and receptions.    (AQO 1685/11-15)
    • Assembly: Art and Artefacts (3 speeches)
      14. asked the Assembly Commission whether it will arrange an exhibition in Parliament Buildings of all the items of art and artefacts that belong to the Assembly and which are currently in...
  • Executive Committee Business (0 speeches)
    • Pensions Bill: Consideration Stage (160 speeches)
      Debate resumed on amendment Nos 5 and 6, which amendments were: No 5: In clause 1, page 2, line 17, at end insert — ‘(8) This section shall be disregarded for the purposes of...