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What is the Northern Ireland Assembly?

The current Northern Ireland Assembly was established in 1998 as part of the Belfast Agreement. It was suspended on the 14th of October 2002, and remained suspended until 8th May 2007.

Between 8 May 2006 and 22 November 2006 the Assembly established under the Northern Ireland Act 2006, and between November 2006 and January 2007 the Transitional Assembly created by the Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Act 2006, met in order to prepare for the restoration of devolved government.

Recent Northern Ireland Assembly debates

Oral Answers to Questions: Rural Proofing Tuesday, 30 September 2014; 12 speeches
2. asked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for an update on her proposals to enhance rural proofing. (AQO 6726/11-15)
Oral Answers to Questions: Shared Campuses Monday, 20 October 2014; 9 speeches
5. asked the First Minister and deputy First Minister for an update on the shared campuses, particularly Lisanelly, as part of Together: Building a United Community. (AQO 6854/11-15)
Oral Answers to Questions: Girdwood: Update Tuesday, 21 October 2014; 9 speeches
1. asked the Minister for Social Development for an update on the application for development of the Girdwood site. (AQO 6894/11-15)
Oral Answers to Questions: Engineering Monday, 13 October 2014; 6 speeches
5. asked the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment for her assessment of the contribution of advanced engineering to the local economy. (AQO 6824/11-15)
Adjournment: Sporting Provision:  Dungiven Tuesday, 30 September 2014; 57 speeches
The proposer of the topic shall have 15 minutes, and all other Members who wish to speak will have approximately seven minutes.

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